WhatsApp & Telegram Bulk mailings
Send offers, promotions, service, and informational messages on WhatsApp and Telegram without adding numbers to your smartphone contacts.
For all your needs
Keep customers updated on their requests, orders, and new promotions
Send reminders about payments, discounts, events, and office visits
Smart Cascades: Messenger-first, then SMS
You are protected: the smart distribution algorithm reduces the risk of blocking
Share company news, plans, and new products with customers
Attract new buyers, boost sales and earnings
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Who our service is suitable for:
Important! Despite having an excellent protection system that helps reduce the risk of blocking, we recommend that you avoid engaging in spam mailings from unknown numbers and refrain from using purchased databases. This almost guarantees a blockage.
Those who send regular messages to the databases of their clients
Those who send messages to purchased databases
Those who want to use one number so customers can respond to your messages and you can have a dialogue with them
Those who send spam
Those who send small monthly mailings of up to 5000 messages
Those who want to use multiple different numbers for mailings
No complex integrations or CRM usage required. Streamline your communication process and reach your audience effortlessly
Send Messages Directly from the Chategy Interface
How to launch a bulk mailing campaign?
Start sending messages in a few simple steps
Create your message exactly as you want it, with the option to add text, emojis and images
Paste phone numbers into the sending form, and your recipient list will be ready to go
Access all the tools to manage your mailing in one place
Track the statistics of message delivery and receive responses from customers
Log in to your personal account
Create your messages
Launch the bulk mailing
Upload the database
Advantages of using Chategy for mailing
Free messages
Sending without moderation
Communication with clients from your device
Option to add images
The distribution is possible without additional consents
Exceptional Prices, Exceptional Service
Bulk Mailing
Telegram & WhatsApp
3 days free
Up to 500 messages to your base
Bulk Mailing
$20 /mo.
Telegram & WhatsApp
3 days free
Up to 1000 messages to your base
Bulk Mailing
$30 /mo.
Telegram & WhatsApp
3 Days Free
Up to 2000 messages to your base
Bulk Mailing
$45 /mo.
Telegram & WhatsApp
3 days free
Unlimited messages to your base
Add images to your mailings
Add images to your mailings
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