Send WhatsApp
and Telegram messages via OpenCart
Set up integration and send individual, bulk, and automated messages
All OpenCart messages in one module
Send individual messages to customers after conversing with them
Notify administrators of the online store about new orders
Automatically send SMS notifications about order statuses
Send confirmation codes to secure customer data
Distribute mass messaging broadcasts
Everything for your comfort
You only pay for the subscription and can send any number of messages (within the channel's capacity — on average, 1 message per minute).
Our specialists are always on hand. We are ready to assist with setup and resolve any issues.
Use all channels together or separately, for example, if a client doesn't have WhatsApp, the message will be sent via Telegram or SMS.
Reach out to customers on their terms
Caring support
Quick Setup
Link your WhatsApp and Telegram accounts to our system for seamless integration.
Easily sync OpenCart with our platform using customizable modules.
Set up personalized notifications and triggers directly within OpenCart for enhanced engagement.
Done! Welcome to the next level of customer communication!
Elevate Your Communication in 4 Steps
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